VIDEO: A Peek at the Super-Queer Sci-Fi ‘Sense8’ Christmas Special

VIDEO: A Peek at the Super-Queer Sci-Fi ‘Sense8’ Christmas Special

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It’s been nearly a year and a half since the season one finale of the Wachowski sisters’ sci-fi Netflix drama Sense8. And seeing as season two won’t start until May 5, 2017, we’ve had to tide ourselves by watching the crappy Sense8 gay porn parody — but thankfully we no longer have to now that they’re releasing a December 23 Christmas special!

When we last left the Sensates, they were a sweaty ball of queer sex. Just kidding: they were on a raft after trans lesbian hacker Nomi helped Will the police officer and Riley the Icelandic DJ escape from the clutches of evil Mr. Whispers. But since all the characters mostly live in other countries, they’re not actually together: Nomi is in San Francisco; Sun-Bak the CFO kickboxer is in a South Korean prison; Lito the newly out actor lives in Mexico City; and Wolfgang the gangster just finished killing his uncle in Germany while Kala the chemist watched from India.

So it looks like the gang will regroup soon back together for some dark Christmas hijinks, and hopefully another tele-kinetic orgy — how we do love non-traditional holiday episodes!

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