VIDEO: Psy Cross-Dresses, Twerks In A Flame Bra Entertainment

VIDEO: Psy Cross-Dresses, Twerks In A Flame Bra

Written by Daniel Villarreal on July 27, 2016
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South Korean pop-singer Psy has dropped the douchebag threads he wore in his massively popular 2012 “Gangnam Style” video and put on some leather boots, twerk-shorts and blazing tittays for a cross-dressed live performance this December. Oh yessss — consider this your late holiday gift. The 37-year-old cross-dressing sensation takes it slow onstage — somewhere between coquettish and drowsy — but he still delivers some delightfully over-the-top moves: especially when his male assistants hold him up crucifixion-style for some malfunctioning mammary fireworks. Can Psy just stay permanently cross-dressed, please?

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