Hillary Clinton, dank memes, election 2016, comedy, video
Hillary Clinton, dank memes, election 2016, comedy, video

Someone Made a Bonkers Hillary Clinton Election Ad Entirely Out of Dank Memes

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has long been accused of voter pandering: from courting Latinx voters with her now-retitled article “7 Ways Hillary is Just Like your Abuela” (the Spanish word for “grandmother”) to Black voters when she told a hip-hop radio show that she carries hot sauce in her bag (just like Beyoncé in “Formation”, get it? SWAG!!).

Super Deluxe — creator of fine comedy  and animation videos — recently mocked the ever-living fugg out of her pandering by having a somewhat convincing lookalike star in a campaign video made entirely out of dank memes; that is, popular web trends that are so cool and played out that they’re almost parodies of themselves. There’s “dat boi”, Grumpy Cat, “Gangnam Style”, doge, Pokémon Go and way too many others to even list here.

The idea is that Clinton would use memes that she barely understands to pander cynically to the youth vote. The video doesn’t take itself to seriously though, and quite honestly, if she made campaign ads as bonkers as this, we might actually look forward to voting for her rather than just doing it to keep Clownstick VonFuckface out of office.

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