VIDEO: When Are We Gonna Get Wind Games in the Olympics?

VIDEO: When Are We Gonna Get Wind Games in the Olympics?

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The Wind Games took place last weekend in the Catalan resort city of Castelló d’Empúries. And no, Wind Games is not code for a farting contest. This unusual sport features individuals and groups busting a move inside a high-powered wind tunnel, and the results are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon levels of crazy.

Men and women compete either individually, in pairs, or in teams of four. First-place winner in the freestyle category is Russian Leo Volkov, while second place in the freestyle went to Polish 16-year old Maja Kuczynska, who did mid-air splits to the strains of Sia’s single “Chandelier.” This is the third year for the competition, and flyers traveled from as far away as Estonia, Argentina and Qatar.

The high-powered tunnels have four turbines that produce a constant stream of vertical air flow. They were originally developed for aerospace research, but at some point people decided it would be more fun to use them for sport. Anyone over the age of four can use the tunnel, but be warned: it’s a pricey hobby, costing about $750 per hour to practice your moves.

(featured image: Leo Volkov via Windoor)

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