VIDEO: Witness the Gayest Way Ever to Drink Egg Nog

VIDEO: Witness the Gayest Way Ever to Drink Egg Nog

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Office Christmas Party seems like your average heterocentrist holiday comedy: there’s cocaine, a handjob-giving sex worker and this scene of actor Jason Bateman deep throating an icy elf dick to drink some egg nog.

The scene’s humors derives from the sight gag of a seeing a guy suck cock, something you’ll either offensive or hilarious in an adolescent kind of way. We’re mostly posting it to remind folks that ice elves deserve love too, even if from straight men who can’t handle their nog.

And if the idea of putting your sensitive lips on something so cold gives you chills, here’s something equally sophomoric to warm you up.

if you draw hands on the small McDonald’s hot cup it looks like a butt. If you poke a hole in it…

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