VIDEOS: 10 Queer Women You Need To Know On YouTube

VIDEOS: 10 Queer Women You Need To Know On YouTube

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In the world of internet stardom, Justin Bieber’s rise to fame may be the most prominent example of YouTube’s cultural impact. The YouTube phenomenon can be seen everywhere from TV and magazines to music. But a specific collection of YouTubers receive minimal representation; they are LGTBQIA individuals…. specifically the queer women of YouTube.

Whether you’re looking for a geeky girl with a Pokemon obsession, an androgynous fashion model or just some simple cooking recipes you can do while drunk, here’s a group of lesbian and bisexual women on YouTube you need to check out.

Ariella Scarcella

Creator: Arielle Scarcella

YouTube Channels: Arielle Scarcella & GirlFriendsTV

Type of Content: In-depth taboo subjects and hysterical sketch comedy videos.

Most Viewed Videos: Shit Girls Say To Lesbians, Top 10 Women Erogenous Zones

Ariella Scarcella’s channels thrive on having open, diverse LGBTQIA conversations. Controversial topics like the difference between butch lesbians & trans women and how misogyny effects lesbians are discussed. Her GirlfriendsTV channel has dedicated weeks to trans women and pansexuals. Scarcella has seen her fair share of hate on the internet but she never lets that stop her from confronting controversial complex LGBTQIA questions and issues.



Creator: Hart

YouTube Channels: Hart Beat & Quierd

Type of Content: Rapping parody videos from alter egos and improvised comedy sketches.

Most Viewed Videos: Watermelon…, Equally Sexy To Jenna Marbles…

Hart’s hysterical YouTube channel is full of satirical, low-brow comedy featuring her many crazy characters rapping about how to make hood mac and cheese and an improvised R-rated sketch about shenanigans while riding around the ghetto. Even when Hart takes the time to sit down and talk to the camera one on one, she never forgets to put a smile on her face, send some fan love with competition giveaways and turn some of her bad situational rants into a sidesplitting, glass half full twist; ending each video with her signature dimpled smile.


Creator: Hannah Hart

YouTube Channels: My Harto & YourHarto

Type of Content: Drunk cooking rants, travel, day in the life tips and laughably awful puns

Most Viewed Videos: My Drunk Kitchen Ep. 1: Butter Yo Shit, How to ask if a girl is Gay

The majority of Hannah Hart’s pun filled videos should come with their own alcohol warning. Hart has created a following with her drunken kitchen videos  which include her slurring words, losing balance and wide-eyed drunk philosophy babble. Hart has even cooked with major celebrities like Lance Bass, Jamie Oliver, Mary-Louise Parker and John Green. Recently Hart released her first cookbook My Drunk Kitchen Book full of original recipes, life tips and tons of laughs.


Ari Fitz

Creator: Ari Fitz

YouTube Channel: It’s Ari Fitz

Type of Content: A fashion forward exposé on different androgynous female styles and LGBTQIA related videos.

Most Viewed Videos: How to Kiss (Lesbian Edition), Tomboyish LA: Meet YouTuber Amber

You may remember Ari Fitz from her time on MTV’s Real World: Ex-Plosion season where she saw some controversy for her androgynous style. She took lemons and made lemonade with her YouTube fashion web series Tomboyish where she interviews women with similar style including YouTuber Sarah Croce. She wrote the book How to Look Sharp in the Summer, and has taken to Kickstarter to fund her Tomboyish productions. Fits hopes to take the series to Europe and expand the idea of what the androgynous female style translates to overseas.

Ashley Mardell

Creator: Ashley Mardell

YouTube Channels: Ashley Mardell & OneTakeAshley

Type of Content: Discussing LGBTQIA topics & mental issues over beers, and some cheeky comedy challenges with fellow YouTubers.

Most Viewed Videos: My Drunk Birthday! (Feat. Hannah Hart), Coming Out To My Best Friend LIVE

Ashley Mardell’s videos vary greatly. Mardell is not afraid to get deep including talking about her complexities and fluidity within her own identity and bisexual bashing. However, she is never scared to get downright silly with other YouTubers in the videos getting drunk while having a spelling bee and playing F***, Marry, Kill: YouTuber edition.



Creator: Amber

YouTube Channel: Ambers Closet33

Type of Content: One on one closet confessions, friendly couple challenges, and day in the life videos.

Most Viewed Videos: Vlog: Sacramento, Red Nose and a Lap Dance, Kissing Challenge

Amber produces everything from funny sketches like how to pick up a stud (starring her über-feminine alter ego Ambrosia), to real talk like dealing with heartbreak. The Stem vs Fem segments feature Amber and her girlfriend, Kiarra, performing challenges such as the surprise ending heel race and a winner-less dance battle.


Creator: Ebony, Denise & Olivia

YouTube Channel: OliviaHas2Moms

Type of Content: Cute day in the life videos and deep discussions about being gay parents.

Most Viewed Videos: Lesbian Couple: Our Two Mom Family Intro / “Obama Wins!”, Lesbian Girlfriend Tag/Q&A with a Twist

OlivaHas2Moms stands alone as an all access gay parenting channel. Olivia’s mothers, Ebony and Denise, allow viewers into the lives of their modern family where they discuss everything like dealing with a toddler with medical conditions, and answering Olivia’s many questions including the gender of the more masculine Denise, and Ebony’s labor and delivery. To those that live outside of the LGBTQIA community, Ebony, Denise and Olivia might not fit the stereotypical family unit, but the honest depiction of a loving family is clear.


Becca Canote

Creator: Becca Canote

YouTube Channels: Becca Canote & Geek & Sundry

Type of Content: Geek filled utopia of topics and reviews on different geek related media.

Most Viewed Videos: GaymerX 2013 Recap!, US Slang Challenge with DAEL KINGSMILL!

Becca Canote’s channel represents the rarely talked about LGBTQIA geek nation. Whether it’s geeking out to the return of the 8th Doctor Who or discussing rom-com ideas infused with Pokemon, Canote leaves no geek franchise unturned. Her love of comics, movies, games and anything geeky has also led her to co-host Geek & Sundry’s Geeking Out series featuring topics like why gay geeks matter and bisexual misrepresentation in the media.


Creator: Jade

YouTube Channels: Foxy Hot Mess & Foxy Hot Mess Tv

Type of Content: Hysterically blunt stories, reviews on pop culture and comedy sketches with other YouTubers.

Most Viewed Videos: Nicki Minaj “Beez In The Trap” Official Music Video Review, So you don’t like oral…

Nothing about FoxyHotMess’ videos should be thought as a mess. She’s a great storyteller, telling personal, funny stories like how she bounced back from repeated dating rejections. She also makes some wonderfully cringeworthy comedy sketches about intimate and unsolicited sexual advances. She also collaborates with fellow YouTubers like SoundlyAwake and Ari Fitz on hilarious videos. Jade keeps her videos very real and unfiltered; her honesty is both fearless and refreshing.



Creator: Stephanie

YouTube Channels: ElloSteph & ElloSteph Extras

Type of Content: LGBTQIA related discussions, many YouTube collaborations and some song covers.

Most Viewed Videos: How to be a Lesbian, Girlfriend Tag

ElloSteph’s content expands through a wide variety of videos. Her  topical videos seek to decipher and highlight the misrepresentations of lesbians on TV, homophobic societies on college campuses, and how bringing attention to these issues makes a difference. But she also tells personal stories, like her discussion of being a gay Jew that give her channel an original point of view.

Did we miss any of your favorite queer women on YouTube? Let us know in the comments!


Photo by FoxyHotMess

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