VIDEOS: #CondomChallenge Is Awesomely Dangerous

VIDEOS: #CondomChallenge Is Awesomely Dangerous

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Internet culture is based around one simple truth: It’s funny to watch people do unpleasant things. Sure, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised a bunch of money for ALS research, but let’s be honest — it got the traction it did because it was funny and unpleasant — the donations towards medical research were just a nice bonus.

There’s no donations or medical research involved in the Condom Challenge, but it is funny and unpleasant — hooray! If you haven’t heard about it yet, teenagers are filling condoms with water and dropping it over their heads — the condom either droops over their heads like a jelly helmet or slips over their skulls like a terrifying Ziploc bag of water.

Obviously, this is dangerous — condoms are basically plastic bags, and we’ve long known the dangers of putting those on your head. And by adding water, we’re also throwing drowning to the mix — lethal fun!

So while we urge you not to partake in the Condom Challenge, there’s all these funny videos just sitting there… and it’d be simply wasteful not to show them to you, so here are some of our favorites!

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