We’re Loving That Go-Go God Vinny Vega Femmed Out for This Sexy Photo Series

We’re Loving That Go-Go God Vinny Vega Femmed Out for This Sexy Photo Series

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Sexy go-go boy Vinny Vega just femmed out for a series of photos by the amazing photographer Thomas Evans, and we’re loving the images of the series the pair have shared on their social media thus far.

We were already huge fans of Vinny Vega before this new femme makeover. Vega is a popular go-go boy in the New York City area, and he travels the world dancing at various events. Vega’s muscular body and scruffy good looks have already amassed him more than 112,000 followers on Instagram, and we’re betting he culls even more following this shoot.


Check out these pics of Vinny Vega before his makeover:

Got in one last pump at the gym before heading to Washington D.C. For "DISTRKT C: Locker Room!" ??‍♀️??? It's gonna be an amazing night for @distrktc , you won't wanna miss @dj_x_gonzalez & @servingovahness spinning all night long….Producer @byelk brings his hot party to the @dceaglebar for what is bound to be an incredible event ?? You can catch me Gogo'ing alongside my future hubby @marklanderny – can't wait for tonight. And it's locker room themed tonight, so don't forget your jocks! ? #GymSelfie #Body #Muscles #DistrktC #distrktcturningyouon #WashingtonDC #BruceYelk #Saturdaynight #CircuitEvent #Letsturnit #GogoBoy #DJXGonzalez #DJservingOvahness #GetReady #DCnightlife #Servingit #LOCKERROOM #jocktrap #towels #instaAd #instapic #instaparty #instadaily

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Pretty amazing, right?

Recently Vinny Vega shared that he was doing a special project with New York-based photographer Thomas Evans.

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Vinny Vega wrote on his Instagram:

Prepping for my latest photoshoot, and the look was a VERY different one for me. The amazing @thomasevansphotography took me out of my comfort zone by shaving my beard and applying lipstick, liner and more.

I’m really excited for you all to see the results. ?????

The project is part of Thomas Evans’ ongoing photo series entitled “FEMME THE MAN!” It serves as a commentary about society’s ideas of sexuality, and I’m thrilled to be part of it! Stay tuned for more photos to come from this gender bending new shoot!

Now check out the pics of Vinny Vega after his makeover:

Yep…that's ME!!!?I'm still getting used to seeing myself this way lol, but this is THE shot for photographer Thomas Evans' "FEMME THE MAN" series. ????? I gotta say after this, I have even more high respect for women and queens – heels hurt! ? All the same it was super fun getting in touch with my feminine side, check out @thomasevansphotography for more of the FTM campaign. Hope you all like it, I've been hearing Liza a lot lol! ? #FemmeTheMan #theShot #feminizingthemasculineman #homotography #dirtyGlam #MaleBeauty #MeninMakeup #BoysinMakeup #MuscleQueen #QueeningOut #makeup #lips #FirstTimeDrag #Genderbending #BlurringLines #FirstLook #Nails #Heels #Stilettos #FeminineSide #Lipstick #Instagay #instamen #instapic #instalike #instadaily

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And Vinny Vega isn’t the first man Evans has given the femme treatment to. As a photographer he’s been shooting similar series for some time now, featuring a lot of other notable queer men from our community.

Check out some more pics from Evans’ “Femme the Man” series:

Feminizing the Masculine Man. By #thomasevans #thomasevansphotography Makeup: @dannyxglam Meet model @roielle007 "Growing up as a kid I spent most of my middle school and high school years pretending to be more masculine because it was what i learned. Even more once entering the military. As I got older and more comfortable in my skin I did find myself, but not until I was introduced to this project did I truly open that 360 experience of a gay man being able to be feminine and empowering, being able to express a side of me that maybe I have only done in my mirror. I found this experience to be challenging, to be full of eye openers, and I walked out with a new look on sexism. Truly a royal chronicle. #femmetheman #feminizingthemasculineman #homotography #dragartist #nycphotographer #nycartist #dragaholic #malebeauty #boysinmakeup #masculinity #feminine #meninmakeup #realmen

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Holy crap this came out awesome!!!! #Repost @thomasevansphotography ・・・ Femme the Man. Photo series created By #thomasevans #thomasevansphotography Makeup: @trustmondo Assistant: @lishaweth Meet Vinny @vgr1 " I'm from New York, NY. I work for the city of NY doing finance. This shoot was extremely liberating. As a gay man in the professional world, I think there's a lot of pressure to be masculine because you're working with a lot of older people with different beliefs. To me, masculine means conveying physical strength and manly qualities. Void of estrogen. Meanwhile, being femm means being strong but internally and emotionally, allowing yourself to get in touch with your feelings. It's the strangest thing because I didn't feel really femm until I had my nails on. I think that's when my inner drag queen came out". #dragaholic #malebeauty #homotography #nycphotographer #nycartist #sexyman #bodybuild #femmetheman #feminizingthemasculineman #femthemam #feminine #masculinity #beyourself #gaypride

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To check out more from Evans’ series, head here.

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