Virginia GOP Super Interested in Children’s Genitals

Virginia GOP Super Interested in Children’s Genitals

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Virginia Republican Delegate Mark Cole has sponsored a bill designed to force all children in public schools to use bathrooms corresponding to their “anatomical sex”. Under this bill, a child who uses the “wrong” bathroom can be fined up to $50 by “any law-enforcement officer” — that means a cop could issue a tween a citation for unauthorized pooping.

While that’s invasive enough, it gets even weirder and creepier. The bill will also require school boards to “develop and implement policies” enforcing this rule, basically making elementary school teachers have to monitor and double-check children’s no-no areas. Why are Virginia Republicans so bent on making teachers and cops look at children’s genitals?

The text of the bill explains:

Such policies may also provide that a student may, upon request, be granted access, to the extent reasonable, to a single stall restroom or shower, a unisex bathroom, or controlled individual use of a restroom, locker room, or shower.

So any time a trans kid needs to pee, all they need to do is head down to the school’s designated Office of Genitalia Verification, request access to the special Non-Standard Anatomy Urination Zone, and do their business under the benevolent supervision of a school official. Nothing weird about that!

Tim Peacock rants:

This is what the conservative movement has devolved into: forcing children to allow adults to examine their genitals out of misplaced fear that transgender kids and adults might commit a hypothetical never-before-seen act of violence or sexual aggression (that would still be against the law with or without transgender protections).

That’s how the GOP slogan goes: “Government small enough to fit in a third-grader’s pants.”

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