Vivica Fox’s All-Male Revue Faces a Lawsuit for Her Homophobic Comments

Vivica Fox’s All-Male Revue Faces a Lawsuit for Her Homophobic Comments

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At the beginning of 2017, Vivica Fox — the 52-year-old actress who starred in Set It Off and Independence Day: Resurgence — upset gay fans when she said “Hell no” to the idea of gay men attending her all-male revue, Vivica’s Black Magic (which doubled as a reality show for Lifetime). She eventually walked that back, saying, “Anyone can enjoy #VivicasBlackMagic… but it’s #UltimateGurlsNiteOut” (thanks #Twitter). Nevertheless, her comments caused the show’s executive producer, Jean-Claude LaMarre, to split off from her and start his own touring male revue. Now he’s suing Fox for “libel, slander, and contract interference” — and it’s a bit juicy and complicated (much like the dancers in their revues, we imagine).

This whole black male revue idea got started around 2015 when LaMarre wrote and directed a film called Chocolate City (basically a black Magic Mike). Fox starred in the film and its sequel, and afterwards (according to the lawsuit), LaMarre came up with the idea of setting up a touring black male revue. After meeting reality show producers and getting the Lifetime network involved, Fox was brought in to play the revue’s owner. She later made her “Hell no” comment against gay customers.

Here’s a trailer of Vivica’s Black Magic:

After her comment, LaMarre apologized on Fox’s behalf, and claims that Fox angrily launched her own touring all-male revue (called Xplicit Minds) in retaliation, recruiting four dancers from LaMarre’s Black Magic TV show and threatening to axe them from the show’s second season if they didn’t join her. Joke’s on them seeing as Lifetime decided not to renew the show for a second season anyway.

LaMarre also says that Fox made comments against his show on Twitter and Instagram, writing, “I will not be at this show and neither will most of the dancers! Buyer beware.”

His lawsuit states:

“As a result of Fox’s defamatory social media campaign, LaMarre’s customers canceled Black Magic Live tickets and demanded refunds at shows. Fox’s homophobic interview comments and vindictive campaign against LaMarre and Black Magic Live destroyed any economic advantages LaMarre expected to enjoy following the reality show.”

Ahhh, the adult entertainment business — it ain’t all chocolate and Chippendales, is it?

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