With These Pics, Wales Pride Proves It’s a Corner of the UK That Knows How to Party

With These Pics, Wales Pride Proves It’s a Corner of the UK That Knows How to Party

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This past weekend, Pride Cymru (known as Wales Pride in English) transformed the center of Cardiff, the Welsh capital, with a string of successful events. (The fact that it was a U.K. summer bank holiday weekend and everyone got Monday off work definitely added to the fun.)

The action was centered around the beautiful civil buildings of Cardiff City Hall and the National Museum of Wales. The lawns in front were transformed into a festival atmosphere with a big stage, stalls and tons of places to sit with a drink in the sunshine.

The gay scene in Wales has a much higher number of girls across the LGBTQ spectrum, but fun was had by all, no matter the Pride-goers’ gender.


The Wales Pride Parade

More than 100 organizations paraded through the streets of Cardiff on Saturday afternoon, including the local police and fire service.

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Fun Lovin’ Criminals played for the crowd on Friday night, while a wide variety of U.K. acts performed on Saturday, including Bright Light Bright Light (helmed by the openly gay pop master Rod Thomas) and Son of a Tutu.



Charlotte Church’s Late Night Pop Dungeon

For those who weren’t too hungover, Sunday was yet another day of live music, culminating with the fabulous Charlotte Church’s “Late Night Pop Dungeon,” during which the Welsh pop star sang covers of songs originated by Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, as well as her own hits.

Earlier this year, Church explained the “Pop Dungeon” concept like so:

Down the dark, dark stairs, upon the bloody gallows of soft rock, through the oubliette of cheese, into the torture chamber of disco, you are welcomed to the Late Night Pop Dungeon.

The Grand High Executionatrix, dungeon mistress Charlotte Church, and her 10-piece ultra-metronomic post-punk-disco-R’n’R’n’B backing band will give her MK Ultra treatment to the greatest tunes that time forgot, and some that will forever haunt our collective memory. Bring dancing shoes – the floor is on fire.

(We say Wales Pride was worth going to just to see Charlotte Church’s gold-sequin shorts.)


Check out these images from Wales Pride 2017:

Photos of Wales Pride by Matthew Horwood

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