Wanda Sykes Breaks Her Silence on Roseanne’s Racism and Quitting the Show

Wanda Sykes Breaks Her Silence on Roseanne’s Racism and Quitting the Show

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After the cancelation of Roseanne, comedian Wanda Sykes has broken her silence on Roseanne’s racism during an in-depth interview with LGBTQ activist Ashlee Marie Preston. The Wanda Sykes interview, which is the first episode of Season 2 of queer streaming network Revry’s SHOOK with Ashlee Marie Preston, reveals the comedian’s revelations about Roseanne Barr, quitting the show, equal pay, turning down Netflix via Monique’s deal and raising her family.

First, Preston chats with Sykes about how she got involved with the project to begin with. “Well, the showrunner Bruce Helford, he was a showrunner for me for my first sitcom, Wanda at Large,” Sykes explains. “Great relationship with him. I adore Bruce, and he also did a couple seasons of the original Roseanne, and he would tell us stories of all the craziness and everything.”

Sykes continues: “So when this came up, he called me and said, ‘This is top secret. They are doing a reboot. They got the original cast. Would you come and over just consult? I just need you like a couple days a week. Would you do it?’ And I said, ‘Absolutely.’”

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“The first season was great,” Wanda Sykes says of the Roseanne reboot. “The room was amazing. I thought we got to cover a lot of topics and have real discussion about things. You know, like health care, prescription drugs, her being afraid of the Muslim neighbors. We did a lot of good things I was excited about.”

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