Wanda Sykes: ‘Tiffany Trump Shouldn’t Have Secret Service, Should Have a Mall Cop’

Wanda Sykes: ‘Tiffany Trump Shouldn’t Have Secret Service, Should Have a Mall Cop’

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Out comedian Wanda Sykes has some hilarious opinions on things, and she didn’t hold back when she appeared with Conan earlier this week.

When asked her opinion about Donald Trump, her initial response was, “Oh, sweet Jesus.”

“Everyone is waiting for this moment for him to become presidential. They are like he has learn how to control his emotions. He has to learn how to be measured. The man is 70-years-old. Those are things that you teach kids. I am teaching my seven year olds those things. Trump is 70. He is not going to learn that now. If he is a dick he is just going to be a dick. That’s it!”

Sykes then moved on to diss the entire Trump clan. “I am so not a Trump fan,” she says. “He annoys me… his whole family annoys as a matter of fact.”

Sykes tells Conan that at the movies recently, a friend of hers saw Tiffany Trump with some Secret Service at her side.”That annoys me that Tiffany Trump has a Secret Service detail. What the hell is she doing with Secret Service? Don’t nobody know who she is. You don’t know who she is.”

Wanda Sykes doesn’t think she should have nobody protecting her, however.

“She should get a mall cop. She should have someone. I agree she should have a dude on a Segway following her ass around.”

“Trump don’t even like her! He doesn’t talk about her or ever has her around.”

This isn’t the first time Sykes has spoke out against the Trump regime. She made headlines when during a charity event last November, she went off script to dig into Trump right after his win. “I was telling everybody, ‘It’s gonna be okay!’ I am certain this is not the first time we’ve elected a racist, sexist, homophobic president,” Sykes joked.

“He ain’t the first one, he’s just the first confirmed one… the evidence is there. How can you say he’s not racist? ‘Grab them by the pussy?’ How can you say he’s not sexist? How can you say he’s not racist? How can you say he’s not homophobic?”

After reports stated she was booed off the stage during the rant, Sykes took to social media to set the record straight.

Wanda Sykes wrote:

“First of all, I was not booed OFF stage. I didn’t go anywhere. I was booed while ON stage in the middle of my set. Some people in the audience didn’t want to hear my Trump jokes. Hell, I couldn’t even get to the punchlines. They were booing the setups. They were yelling for me to shut the F up and to go F myself, so I simply told them how that made me feel. I then moved on to other material, got some laughs and said goodnight. I left the stage with my head held high and with my middle finger even higher. Then “some woman,” who happens to be my beautiful wife, ran onstage, gave me a huge kiss and flashed the peace sign. To my surprise, the audience cheered and applauded. It was a great moment and it gave me a little hope for our future.”

Watch Wanda Sykes dig into the Trumps on Conan:

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