WATCH: ’30 Rock’ + ‘Scott Pilgrim’ = ‘Gaymers’, A New (And Diverse) Web Series

WATCH: ’30 Rock’ + ‘Scott Pilgrim’ = ‘Gaymers’, A New (And Diverse) Web Series

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“If 30 Rock and Scott Pilgrim had a baby, it would be this show,” says filmmaker Artúr Prakapas of his new web series, “Gaymers”, obviously aware of the best way to appeal to his titular audience.

The New York-based director will screen episodes of his new series on Sunday, December 13, at GX3. The first four episodes follow the misadventures of Corey, a gaymer fresh out of a messy breakup who moves into in an apartment with fellow gaymer, Marco.

Joining the pair are the tough Melanie and teddy bear jock Anthony.

“We have these four characters who are dramatically different,” he says. “I feel like we really have characters that represent at least somebody in this community.”

Prakapas and his best friend, writer Ken Bernardo, drew on personal lows in their own lives to craft the show’s humor.

“A lot of this is inspired by my life and my dating life and how gay guys can sometimes think gaming is silly — like I’m just this man-child,” Prakapas says. “It’s hard, it’s tough, you find a guy who is attractive and you have to suppress that part of yourself.”

Corey isn’t the only character facing this. Best friend Marco who gets him into this apartment of gaymers keeps his gamer and gay identities separate.

“Marco is completely over the top but he’s in the closet about being a gamer,” Prakapas says. “He’s afraid he won’t be cool anymore, he won’t be popular anymore. It feels like a second coming out.”

Prakapas and Renardo worked since April to produce the four episodes. They produced and funded the projects themselves. The actors were unpaid but drawn in by the script itself.

“The actors are not gamers at all,” Prakapas says. “A lot of the jokes go right over their heads. But they were really drawn to the script. I was honestly, genuinely shocked at how well they grasped some stuff. I would start to explain something, and they would say, ‘Oh, no, we looked that up.’”

One of the jokes shows up in the trailer, when Corey is on a bad date and chooses his responses from an RPG-style conversation wheel.

“Some episodes will definitely have more gamer elements than others,” Prakapas said. “I really want to show what we’re trying to do and gauge what the audience is liking. With the script and the actors and everything, though, this was a story that was begging to be written.”

Watch the trailer for Gaymers below!

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