Watch: 80 Year Old Grandmother Supports Gay Marriage

Watch: 80 Year Old Grandmother Supports Gay Marriage

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Jean Argus is giving Iowa Man of the Year Zach Wahls a run for his money in the inspiring video category. In fact, the 80 year old grandmother, and mother of a gay son, was so impressed with Wahls’ courtroom testimony about his two mothers, that she’s uploaded her own video to YouTube demanding marriage equality remain in Iowa.

“Discrimination affects all of us. Not just me as the mother of a gay son. The next time you look into your children’s eyes, please remember that you do not know what the future holds for them.”

We’re loving the cajones on these Iowans that are stepping forward to protect equal rights!

Jean points out that her son married his partner of thirty years just five years ago in Massachusetts, and questions why the Iowan people are so intent on dissolving their marriage for political gain. It’s a must watch, and a must share. The best thing we can do for the LGBT community in Iowa and beyond, is to share stories like Jean’s and Zach’s.

So get to sharing!

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