Watch Conservatives on American College Campuses Complain That No One Likes Them (Video)

Watch Conservatives on American College Campuses Complain That No One Likes Them (Video)

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Young Republicans on liberal college campuses are complaining that the other students don’t like them.

The BBC posted an interview with a few young American college students who say they’re being ostracized for having conservative beliefs:

These students say that their left-leaning classmates insult them and call them names.

“I’m called a racist, a fascist, a sexist,” one girl whined. Well, snowflake, you voted for a bunch of racist, sexist fascists. Them’s the breaks.

“Anyone who even has a remotely conservative opinion is ‘off the rails,’” pouted a young dude who apparently isn’t satisfied with belonging to a party that currently controls the Senate, the House of Representatives and the executive branch of the United States government. The same guy complained that his classmates had the gall to call him homophobic just because he supports a political movement to make it illegal for gay people to get married. How rude!

“There’s this feeling of censorship almost on the college campus,” said a young woman who voted for a president who wants to ban scientists from talking about the environment.

A campus conservative with terrible facial hair quoted his detractors: “Diego, you’re Mexican. How can you be a conservative? How can you do this to your people?” That’s a pretty good question, though! Most of us wouldn’t feel great about voting for a guy who called our countrymen rapists and wants to force our family to pay for a giant absurd wall—but hey, Diego, you go ahead and cry because someone asked you a legitimate question about your wonky beliefs.

“I’ve been unfriended and unfollowed by probably about half of the girls on my sorority,” a blonde girl complains. Sorry your friends don’t want their Facebook feeds clogged up with your posts gloating about how your party’s destroying their access to reproductive health care, Becky.

College conservatives have been complaining for quite some time that they’re unpopular. They don’t seem to understand why. Maybe it’s because you’re trying to take everybody else’s civil rights away? Maybe because your political affiliation leads to widespread human suffering?

A common refrain of unloved right-wingers is, “So much for the so-called ‘tolerant Left!’” They don’t seem to understand that we don’t have to tolerate their intolerance. Hateful bigots are not an oppressed class that needs to be protected.

Asking a queer person to tolerate an anti-LGBTQ conservative’s beliefs is like asking a kid to sit down to a nice Thanksgiving Dinner with the molesty uncle. That’s not tolerance. That’s not harmony. That’s cruelty. A trans person tolerating a Republican is like the frog carrying the scorpion across the river in the old fable.

So keep crying, campus conservatives. Keep wondering why no one likes you as you fight to stop trans kids from using the bathroom. Keep complaining you’re unpopular while your party takes food stamps away from veterans. Keep grieving about mean social media comments while your leader locks up women and children just because they’re religious minorities. You can (and maybe you will) take away our rights, abuse us and even kill us. But you can’t make us like you.

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