Watch Elizabeth Taylor’s Wonderful GLAAD Speech: “Tickled Pink”

Watch Elizabeth Taylor’s Wonderful GLAAD Speech: “Tickled Pink”

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“When gay people stopped being human beings and started becoming the enemy, I knew somebody had to do something.”

Elizabeth Taylor is going to be sorely missed in the gay community, as she was a pioneer of HIV/AIDS activism. She brought so much attention to the issue at a time when no one was talking about it. She was truly an inspiration.

“They were just the people that I loved. I could never understand why they couldn’t be afforded the same rights and protections as all the rest of us. There is no gay agenda. It’s a human agenda.”

“Why shouldn’t gay people be able to live as open and as everyone else?  What it comes down to ultimately is love. How can anything bad come out of love?”

Liz, thank you for all that you have done for us. We take your words to heart and we love you right back. Also, you are one funny dame!

Long live love!

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