Watch Ex-Ex-Gay Put Exodus International Boss In His Place

Watch Ex-Ex-Gay Put Exodus International Boss In His Place

Written by Kevin Farrell on April 04, 2017
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Bra-VO, my good man. Ladies and gents, this is how to confront ridiculous homophobic nonsense; with eloquence and the calm confidence of knowing your opponent is bananas.

Watch as former patients/victims/survivors call Exodus International Chief Alan Chambers out on the dangerous hypocrisy of his organization on live television with Dr. Drew Pinsky. You may recall Exodus’ iPhone app being pulled by Apple last month due to the fact that ex-Gay therapy has been proven by every single medical, psychological, and therapeutic organization to be impossible. The emperor has no clothes, y’all.

Wonderful! We’re completely impressed.

Are you glad to see such well-spoken men speak out against Exodus International?

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