WATCH: Former Navy Chaplain Says Gays Have Women Inside Them; Need Exorcism

WATCH: Former Navy Chaplain Says Gays Have Women Inside Them; Need Exorcism

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Gordon Klingenschmitt, a United States former Navy Chaplain was recently interviewed by David Pakman about the repeal of DADT. Sexism, homophobia, and general nonsense ensued.

Our favorite part of the exchange goes a little something like this:

Pak: Let’s be clear. You’re saying that being gay and being attracted to other men is the same as saying “I am a woman”?

Klingenschmitt: It’s certainly saying that spiritually inside there is something that causes me to feel feminine feelings – And that is the devil.

The Among the better nuggets of pure nonsense Klingenschmitt has to say, “The number of homosexuals coming in will never eclipse the mass exodus of Christians leaving the military.” And this is where we go a bit bananas.

Over and over again we hear bigots treating Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’s repeal as if gays will begin entering the armed forces now. Soldiers will be forced to shower with gay soldiers! Soldiers will be forced to sleep in the same bunks as gays! Openly gay soldiers will ogle their heterosexual counterparts! And so on. This sort of argument completely sidesteps the reality of the situation. Gays are already serving in the military. Gay and straight soldiers are already showering, sleeping and serving together – to zero detriment! The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell simply ends the gag order on gay soldiers to discuss their personal lives. That’s it! That is all it does.

Host Pakman unintentionally nudges the ridiculousness out of Klingenschmitt, positing, “So you believe that while it has never been illegal or against the policy to be gay and be in the military, now that since you are allowed to tell people you are gay, the military as you indicate will fall apart to the point you need a draft.”

Other winning points include, “When God removes his hand of blessing, I’m concerned as a chaplain, that America will no longer be able to fight and win wars.” Oh Reeeeeally? We have verrrrry different ideologies concerning the “blessings” of God on killing.

The real trouble here is simply that that chaplain or not, this man’s religious lens has no business being applied to the projected DADT writings on the wall. It’s not a religious matter, just as not every soldier in the United States Armed Forces believes in his God, or practices religion at all. His entire argument is a moot point.

If you like being riled up and getting all stressed out about the moral clauses of bigots, take a gander below!

How do you like your sexuality being called a “Demonic Disease”?

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