Watch This Reporter’s Homophobic Joke Wither and Die (Video)

Watch This Reporter’s Homophobic Joke Wither and Die (Video)

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An uncomfortable moment occurred on a local Fox station when a reporter’s awkward attempt at a homophobic joke crashed and burned.

The uncomfortable moment, captured in a clip posted on Twitter, happened between anchors Steve Keeley and Good Day Philadelphia host Mike Jerrick.

Keeley, shivering outside in the snow, remarked on Jerrick’s choice of a pink V-neck sweater. It’s a cute top, but Keeley could not handle it.

Keeley coaxed the reluctant Jerrick into putting one hand on his hip and the other curled onto his shoulder in an effeminate position. Keeley then mimicked an ultra gay-voiced, “Hi guy!” and laughed uproariously at his own weak joke.

Jerrick, unimpressed, deadpanned, “I don’t think this is appropriate. I’ll just be a teapot.”

“Okay,” Keeley replied. “I’ll think that’s funny later.”

The exchange took an uncomfortable 45 seconds, which is quite a long time to watch a joke fall apart on live television. Jerrick handled the moment with grace, though.

The incident is particularly frustrating thanks to Jerrick’s personal history. The anchor recently returned from a suspension from air, which he got for using the word “bullshit” to describe Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway’s unique approach to facts. Jerrick got punished for telling the truth, but Keeley suffers no consequences for homophobia? Totally unfair.

Either way, let’s hope Keeley sticks to reporting and leaves the jokes to the professionals in the future, because his cringey attempt at humor completely embodied the spirit of the phrase, “Could you not?”


UPDATE 2/10/17 11:00 a.m. EST: Added note about Jerrick’s previous suspension.

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