Watch Out Anderson Cooper, Here Comes Chase Whiteside

Watch Out Anderson Cooper, Here Comes Chase Whiteside

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Chase Whiteside is one half of the progressive media duo New Left Media, and he is cute, gay, and fiercely committed to speaking truth and sharing what is happening on the ground in politics around the country.

If you haven’t come across any of their work before, check out the following three videos and then subscribe to them on YouTube. They are students, and they are smart and fearless journalists – and they get better with each and every video.

Our friends over at New Left Media recently sent over a video about what is actually happening on the ground in Wisconsin and Ohio, and it has us passionately supporting the rights of the unions to collectively bargain and stand up to those who want to take away their rights:

Our favorite video is one from a Palin book signing:

Chase also did a wonderful It Gets Better Video:

If you like their work, go subscribe and support their continuing efforts!

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