Watch Randy Rainbow’s Latest Stab at Donald Trump (Video)

Watch Randy Rainbow’s Latest Stab at Donald Trump (Video)

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Randy Rainbow is the one good thing to come out of last year’s election. We are huge fans of his work, but Rainbow really outdid himself today.

In his latest video, Rainbow tackles Trump’s horrible Twitter rampages. “And although he longed to be respected, one thing stood in his way,” Rainbow raps. “A thing he depended upon and loved more than anything else in the world. Even more than golden showers (allegedly): tweets , tweets, and nothing but tweets!”

We are rolling on the floor laughing at Rainbow’s latest stab at Donald Trump. We aren’t sure if the tears are from Rainbow’s wit or from the realization that Trump takes office in 9 days. Ugh.

Rainbow lists the many celebrities (poor Rosie) targeted by Trump’s Twitter outbursts. He especially focuses in on the insults the President-elect aimed recently at Meryl Streep. Streep dedicated her Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech at the Golden Globes to speak out against Trump’s bullying. This upset the tyrant, and he jabbed back on Twitter. Many stars came to her defense and the latest one is Rainbow.

“He came for Streep! You can denigrate our country but don’t fuck with Streep,” he exclaims.

The viral video is set to the tune of the opening number from Into the Woods, a movie musical Streep starred in a few years ago. Funny because Barbra Streisand brought the same musical up when she bashed Trump on Chris Matthews’ Hardball earlier this week.

We see a theme here. A very, very fabulous one.

Watch Randy Rainbow’s hilarious video below:

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