WATCH: Short Film From “Tangerine” Director Has A Twist Of Beautiful Surprises

WATCH: Short Film From “Tangerine” Director Has A Twist Of Beautiful Surprises

Written by Daniel Villarreal on July 27, 2016
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If you haven’t seen the film Tangerine, leave your full-time job or whatever you’re doing and go see it NOW. Director Sean Baker — a guy who has made his career telling stories of poor, people of color struggling to keep their self-respect in competitive American cities — shot the entire thing beautifully on iPhones, which allowed him to skirt costly shooting permits and tell the hilarious but touching story of Sin-Dee Rella, a trans sex-worker who stomps around L.A. seeking revenge on the trick who stole her boyfriend.

Good. Now that you’ve seen Tangerine, check out Snowbird the strangely sweet but haunting story of Theo, a kindly woman sharing a cake with her neighbors in a trashed-out trailer park. Baker wrote and directed the film and shot it in Slab City, California for Kenzo, a fashion label established by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada in Paris.

While the mixed fabric fashions certainly caught our eye (they remind us a little of the Congolese fashions that absolutely SLAYED us) the film itself stunned us — it even has a twist ending. Well worth a watch.

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