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Watch The Gay Moralist Debunk Every Anti-Gay Excuse In 8 Minutes

We’ve only got 4 Minutes To Save The World! 8 minutes to shoot down practically every excuse for anti-gay discrimination and homophobia. Who ya gonna call?

Dr. John Corvino, The Gay Moralist, obviously. Go get em, Doc!

The parts don’t fit: Check. Animals don’t do it: Check. The Bible say it’s an abomination: Check. Gays flaunt their sexuality in straights’ faces: Check. The Gay Moralist takes on each of these popular misnomers and debunks them with ease in this short video. It’s a must watch for anyone who may ever find themselves face to face with an opinionated bigot (RE: All of us, unfortunately.)

Brush up on your responses to each of these anti-gay insanities. Consider it a homework assignment.

The Gay Moralist really puts a nice spin on things, eh?