Watch These Sexy Swimmers ‘Snow Swim’ in Their Speedos (Video)

Watch These Sexy Swimmers ‘Snow Swim’ in Their Speedos (Video)

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Snowed in and need something to turn up the heat? Well take a look at these hot Georgia Tech swim team members who wouldn’t let the snow stop them from living their Olympic dreams.

After their meet was canceled against Virginia Tech due to the snow, the Georgia Tech team members were beginning to feel some cabin fever. So they decided to take to the slopes and do their best butterfly or breast stroke in the sub-zero temperatures.

“We woke up and saw the snow and we were saying, ‘If we don’t end up swimming today, we’re making snow angels in Speedos,’” Aidan Pastel (pictured above) told BuzzFeed News.

We’re not complaining.

Watch the frosty video below:

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