Sexy, Multi-Talented Hunk Water-Skis While Stripping Down to His Undies (Video)

Sexy, Multi-Talented Hunk Water-Skis While Stripping Down to His Undies (Video)

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In this viral video, a muscular hunk shows off his athletic skills (and his amazing body) by stripping down to his skivvies while water-skiing.

In the video, uncovered by Gaily X, this outdoorsman amazes us by water-skiing barefoot. Then bare-chested. Then bare-legged. (But not bare-bottomed. Sorry.)

His skills are amazing. He manages to balance on one foot while stepping out of his pants! He holds on with one hand while gracefully whipping off his shirt!

Watch the magnificent display below:

Other multitasking male strippers

But he’s not the only guy we know of who combined sports and stripping. Last February, pro golfer Shawn Stefani stripped down to his boxers to play a wet hole in which he’d lost his balls. For some reason, he apologized afterward.

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That same month, a heroic young man with a shapely butt combined stripping, polar bear-ing and animal rescue by sliding across a frozen pond to save a dog that had fallen into the water. The dog helps out — not with the rescue, but with the stripping — by attempting to yank the man’s one remaining article of clothing off his body. Good dog!

And around that same time, pop duo Twenty One Pilots stripped down while accepting a Grammy Award. They said it was because they’d watched the Grammys in their underwear some years before and decided to turn it into a pact. Makes sense to us!

Meanwhile, in the Deadpool 2 trailer, hottie Ryan Reynolds attempts to combine heroics with nudity by unsuccessfully stripping in a phone booth like Superman used to. The results are tragic (rest in peace, Uncle Ben) but Deadpool’s butt cheeks are pretty great.

We can’t wait to see what sport the internet decides to mix with stripping next. Curling? Rugby? Turkish oil wrestling? Whatever it is, we are totally here for it.