This Week’s Must Haves: A ‘Broad City’ Butt Plug, Baby Clothes and a Watch That Does Everything

This Week’s Must Haves: A ‘Broad City’ Butt Plug, Baby Clothes and a Watch That Does Everything

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Another week, another roundup of must-have items. This week we’re featuring a few collaborations — between your favorite Comedy Central show Broad City and a sex toy manufacturer, and between CB2 and luxe boutique Fred Segal. The products themselves range from a paltry $3 to a rather pricey $3K.

1. The Tambour Horizon Smartwatch by Louis Vuitton

Fashionistos everywhere, rejoice. For the guy who likes to stand out from the crowd by sporting the latest in wearable technology, Louis Vuitton has a brand-new smartwatch collection. Travel — or stay firmly planted at home — in great style.

This gorgeous stainless steel watch is compatible with both Android and iOS. It also connects nicely with Bluetooth and Wifi. The functionalities on this baby are nearly limitless, including special travel functions (24 time zones, plus weather, temperature, a step counter and a dedicated city guide app) and customizable watch faces.

Now, the big question: How much? The Tambour Horizon retails for a cool $2,900 — mere pennies for a device so tech-infused that also bears the LV logo.


2. BioLite Wood-Burning Camp Stove

This wood-burning camp stove isn’t your average camping gadget. It also features a built-in charger, which saves you the trouble of finding a charging station while you’re exploring the great outdoors.

It’s lightweight (the stove weighs about two pounds) and can boil a liter of water in as little as four minutes. Its internal starter battery helps kickstart the fire before the stove even begins generating power. And being able to charge your smartphone with up to 60 minutes of talk time means you’ll never be disconnected from civilization, even when you kinda are.

Find the BioLite Wood-Burning Camp Stove for $120 at


3. The Broad City “Ass of an Angel” Silicone Butt Plug

Are you a super-fan of Abbi and Ilana and their free-spirited adventures? Well it’s time you have your own — under the sheets. Comedy Central’s hit Broad City is back in September with more episodes, and as anyone who watches the show can tell you, Abbi and Ilana have no qualms openly chatting about their sex lives.

So it’s only natural there’s an official Broad City-branded line of sex toys available for purchase from, an adult toy company. From the “Boss Bitch” silicone G-spot vibrator to the “Respect Your Dick” 10-function love ring, sex toys never sounded so comical.

The “Ass of an Angel” silicone butt plug above, retailing for $40, is the line’s standout item. Check out this description and try not to giggle: “Ass of an Angel is some high class shit. The silicone sleekness respects your ass with its smooth, firm shape. The tapered shape and full figure make for one happy butt, and the flared base means that nothing’s going to go AWOL while you’re playing.”

This butt plug is hypoallergenic and easy to clean. The site guarantees, “It feels amazing against the skin, and when it’s on its sweet way into your pleasure hole.” Say hello to your new colorful friend.


4. The Venice Studio Wood Table-Desk, CB2 x Fred Segal

CB2 has teamed up with Fred Segal, a legend of luxe Los Angeles retail, and presents the Venice Studio collection. The collabo captures elements of casual chic, fused with Fred Segal’s signature style. From the Segal brand’s iconic denim designs on pillows to upscale vintage-inspired mixed-material furniture, the CB2 x Fred Segal collection is forward-looking, bright and fun.

We’re particularly fond of this Mid-Century-inspired wood table-desk, an investment piece at $1,500 over at It’s one of those pieces you’ll have forever, made of a solid mango wood top with a warm walnut stain, and sitting on two sand-cast aluminum legs finished in antiqued brass. Another great feature: each brass leg looks different due to the individual casting process, meaning each table has a unique, hand-touched vibe.


5. Harry Potter Clothing from Primark

For the guncles who love to spoil their nieces and nephews — and those brave souls known as “parents” — Primark now offers some great baby clothing. The Dublin-based retail company is set to launch a line of Harry Potter baby clothes commemorating the first book’s 20th anniversary.

The larger collection has stuff for adults, too — including sleepwear (you can finally get that Gryffindor Robe that you always wanted), home accessories and apparel, all with Harry Potter references. But we’re most excited about the adorable fashions for newborns and toddlers, like the darling onesies above baring the Hogwarts insignia and matching caps. Your nephew or niece is gonna be the cutest kid in town.

The Harry Potter collection ranges from $3 to $20 at


6. “Sorry About Our President” Tee

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