This Week’s Must-Haves: Your New Eclipse Toy, Anti-Trump Art, Supreme Chopsticks

This Week’s Must-Haves: Your New Eclipse Toy, Anti-Trump Art, Supreme Chopsticks

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Are you heading to a solar eclipse viewing party? Can’t wait to see what Supreme has to offer for Fall/Winter 2017? Another week, another roundup of must-have items. This week we’re featuring products that are both unique and functional. The products themselves range from free (yes, we said free) to a rather pricy $5K.

1. Celestron’s 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope

You already ordered your solar filter sunglasses for the big occasion — the total solar eclipse happening on Aug. 21. But why not go all the way and watch the total eclipse in style? This telescope from Celestron gives you an up-close look at that blacked-out ball of fire and gas.

The Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope ($135 at has a 3X Barlow Lens. It also has 127mm aperture and 1000mm focal length. With this much power, you can view the moon and Mars with ease. It comes with the aluminum tripod and accessory tray, making it the perfect tool for stargazing. 


2. Anti Trump Art by Michael Mitchell

Our nation is still grieving after the ugly incident in Charlottesville. But Austin-based artist Michael Mitchell is resisting, having designed the above piece of art as a way to protest Donald Trump’s administration and his grotesque ideology.

According to an interview with, Mitchell explains that his creation process goes all the way back to February. He “played with a few ideas around the number 45 since it was something so closely associated with how Trump defines his term.” Realizing that the 45 in blocky sans-serif type looks a lot like a Swastika, Mitchell moved the digits closer together and tilted them 45 degrees to create a powerful new symbol.

Mitchell is permitting people to download his artwork for free. If you want to support his cause and art, though, please check out this site for additional anti-Trump art.


3. A 24K Gold Body Roller by Tiger Tail

After a great workout, your cool-down should always include some stretching. Sometimes some “rolling” can come in handy, too, as it can help you recover or prevent injury. Tiger Tail, the portable foam roller expert, now sells the ultimate roller, made for ballers.

According to the luxury roller’s press release, it’s plated in 24K gold and fabricated from 100% billet bronze, weighing nearly five pounds. The roller is a great option or myofascial release, self-help massage and trigger point therapy. Running a cool $5K, it’s only fair that you can get it engraved with a personalized serial number and unique case.


4. Raf Simons Duct Tape

Raf Simons and duct tape in the same sentence? Indeed. Raf Simons duct tape is a very real product from the famed Belgian designer. For his eponymous Fall/Winter 2017 collection, Simons used duct tape featuring slogans like “Youth Project” and “Walk With Me” as accessories to belt oversized coats and wrap-around sleeveless vests.

For $200, you can get your designer duct tape (available in black, white and yellow), ready and willing to accessorize your outfit … or seal boxes for your next FedEx shipment.


5. A Song for Every Driver

Last week, Samir Mezrahi’s track “A a a a a Very Good Song” created a splash and entered the Top 100 of the iTunes charts. The song itself is 10 minutes of silence. No music. No lyrics. Just silence.

“But why?” you ask.

Mezrahi came up the idea to solve a rather annoying problem. The second he would connect his phone to his car, the very first song in his music library would start playing. With this track, you’ll get to enjoy at least a few minutes of silence before you can choose what you really want to hear. For $.99, this song can be all yours at the iTunes store.


6. New Chopsticks by Supreme

The latest fashion craze? Designer collaborations with Supreme. The most recent, with Louis Vuitton, sold out instantly with huge fanfare. Other collections with Lacoste, Nike and Comme des Garçons have all since become collector’s items. Fanboys (and girls) are always eager to get their hands on the next Supreme product.

Having recently released its Fall/Winter 2017 lookbook, Supreme teased us with a collection of colorful sportswear pieces. But in addition to outerwear, T-shirts and tracksuits, Supreme also has a collection of cheeky lifestyle products coming down the line. For foodies, check out Supreme’s chopsticks for your next pho sit-down. If you’re dying to get a pair right away, you can visit Supreme’s selected stores or wait until Aug. 24 to order them online.


Featured image by ecplise_image via Istockphoto



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