Weiner Mural Upsets Indiana Townspeople

Weiner Mural Upsets Indiana Townspeople

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The Spot Tavern in Lafayette, Indiana caused a ruckus recently when a neighbor objected to a new mural on the side of the building. The mural features a naked woman tied to a tree and also a hot dog bun with a big dick in it. This so offended a woman named Ila Solomon that she started a Change.org petition and called the police. Which is ironic, because Solomon might soon be in jail herself.

Commissioned by the tavern and executed by six-member Indianapolis collective The Droops, the tavern’s mural also features a farting trumpet, a guy getting punched, and a crazed-looking rotary phone on wheels. Last week a police officer issued a warning that the mural violated city graffiti ordinances, giving the bar ten days to appeal or fifteen to remove the artwork.

“It’s definitely not graffiti,” says bar manager Emily DeRolf. “We paid someone a lot of money to make all of that art.”

Owner Paul Baldwin has created a temporary compromise, a temporary cover-up in which the dick head is replaced with the head of Indiana governor Mike Pence. Which is funny, but that’s not where this story ends.

Rabble-rouser Ila Solomon had previously created a change.org petition to remove the mural, referring to it as the “playground penis” since, in Solomon’s words, “when they play at the playground this is what the kids must look at if they do not want the after school sunshine in their eyes.” After two weeks the petition has seventeen signatures.

But Solomon has been in the news herself recently. The 56-year old Lafayette resident lived with the corpse of her dead husband in the living room for nine months, it turns out, telling local news reporters that she wanted him to be eaten by the birds as the rest of his Army unit had been eaten by the birds during World War II. The house has since been demolished. Just last month, Solomon pleaded guilty to failure to report a dead body and unlawful disposition of a dead body in an agreement that cleared the widow of welfare fraud charges. Solomon claims that her husband was dead for five days when police discovered his body in 2014, but an autopsy revealed that he had died the previous summer.

Solomon could serve a maximum of eighteen months in jail. Her sentencing starts on December 21.

(images via The Droops / Instagram)

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