These ‘Well-Strung’ Hunks Are Competing on the Next Season of ‘Amazing Race’

These ‘Well-Strung’ Hunks Are Competing on the Next Season of ‘Amazing Race’

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Trevor Wadleigh and Chris Marchant are best friends, and half of the pop/classical quartet known as Well-Strung. The pair are violinists, but they’re about to try and prove they know a thing or two about more than just crescendos and syncopation. They’ll be competing on the 30th season of Amazing Race that begins Jan. 3, 2018 on CBS.

The out friends live in New York City and have been performing in Well-Strung for five years together as they explain in their interview video.

“We met when Trevor joined the quartet in winter of 2012,” Chris said. “We started just as colleagues but we’ve been together for five years. Two years ago, we moved into together. The whole quartet lives together.”

Chris also explains that, “Everyone in our quartet is gay.”

The pair rattle of some of the impressive accomplishments the Well-Strung quartet has achieved in its five years performing together. “We’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some great Broadway talents… Kristen Chenowith, Neil Patrick Harris, Audra McDonald,” Trevor said.

“We took the song “Stacey’s Mom” from the early 2000s and we wrote a parody of it called “Chelseas’s Mom” all about Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign. And we made a video and she latched onto it and retweeted it and then we got to meet her,” Trevor said.

“And then we also got to play for Barack Obama two years ago,” Chris added, “and he was super nice. It’s been a really cool five years.”

The duo describe that their very “strong stark differences are going to play well together during the race.”

Trevor relays that “Chris is more the pragmatist, planner, dates, deadlines guy.” Chris adds, “Trevor likes to think critically about everything and is more often the naysayer of my gung-ho-ness.”

Trevor corrects, “I’m going to say ‘editor.’”

“The stakes are high for me when I’m hungry and I’m racing for a cheeseburger but like, put a million bucks on top of that, I have never experienced that before,” Chris adds.

“The stakes are so high,” Chris said.

Before they hit the Amazing Race, enjoy some of Chris Marchant’s hottest moments on Instagram:

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