We’ve Uncovered the Sexy Shots ‘Prince Charming’ Mentioned from His Past

We’ve Uncovered the Sexy Shots ‘Prince Charming’ Mentioned from His Past

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So when we last heard from Robert Sepulveda Jr., the star of Logo TV’s gay bachelor knock-off Finding Prince Charming, he was expressing guilt and shame for his past life as a sex worker. During his shame-walk, he mentioned sexy shots he’d taken earlier in his life with renowned male photographer Rick Day. Well, we hunted down one of Day’s sexy Sepulveda shots (below) and if you’re curious, you can see a more complete gallery hereBoy Culture also dug up some shots from when Sepulveda was 23-years-old (he’s 33 now) — side-by-side, they show his evolution from hunky twink to full-on muscle daddy.

Anyway, here’s one of Day’s shots of Sepulveda:

(image by Rick Day)

In other Sepulveda news, Logo TV recently said that they had no idea he was a former sex worker until midway through shooting Finding Prince Charming. We’re surprised Logo TV didn’t find it, though (maybe they didn’t want to look too hard?) It makes sense why Sepulveda wouldn’t tell them: why would he want to disqualify himself from a plum television deal by saying, “Oh by the way, I used to be an escort?” We live in a world stigmatized against sex work, so do what you gotta to make that dollar, Rob!

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