what happens at the abbey
what happens at the abbey

This New Reality Show About the World’s Most Famous Gay Bar Features Sexy Guys and Tons of Drama

E!’s new series What Happens at The Abbey is set to premiere on May 14. The show follows the lives of the employees who work at West Hollywood’s The Abbey, one of the world’s most famous gay bars.

In an exclusive sneak peek video, we see the sexy cast full of hot guys and girls partying, fighting and stripping down to their birthday suits.

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“The Abbey absolutely is a soap opera,” The Abbey employee Elizabeth says. “Which basically means there’s a lot of fighting and a lot of fucking!”

Gay reality television is everywhere right now. RuPaul’s Drag Race just celebrated its highest rated episode ever on VH1. Logo is about to premiere Fire Island this April. Netflix promises to bring Queer Eye for the Straight Guy back from the dead. And there are rumors that The A-List is coming back to Bravo as well!

With all this gay reality television, who needs The Housewives?

Watch the sexy teaser for What Happens at The Abbey:

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