What If We Treated Gun Stores Like Abortion Clinics?

What If We Treated Gun Stores Like Abortion Clinics?

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In the aftermath of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, one thing is crystal clear: fewer firearms equals fewer mass shootings — period. Unfortunately, the gun lobby wields a lot of power in American politics. But we stumbled across a thought-provoking social media post (attributed to writer William Hamby) about how the gun debate might change if citizens took a page from the anti-abortion activists’ playbook:

Or, hey, how about we treat every young man who wants to buy a gun like every women who wants to get an abortion — mandatory 48-hour waiting period, parental permission, a note from his doctor proving he understands what he’s about to do, a video he has to watch about the effects of gun violence, an ultrasound wand up his ass (just because). Let’s close down all but one gun shop in every state and make him travel hundreds of miles, take time off work, and stay overnight in a strange town to get a gun. Make him walk through a gauntlet of people holding photos of loves ones who were shot to death, people who call him a murderer and beg him not to buy a gun.

It makes more since to do this with young men and huns than with women and health care, right? I mean, no woman getting an abortion has killed a room full of people in seconds, right?

All of the above realities have had a chilling effect on abortions, so they’d probably reduce the number of mass shootings as well, right?

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