What the Actual Fuck is Going on With Lucian Piane?

What the Actual Fuck is Going on With Lucian Piane?

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Less than a month after his eyebrow-raising comments that he trusts Donald Trump more than Hillary Clinton, Lucian Piane — the musical maestro from RuPaul’s Drag Race who occasionally helps with the show’s musical challenges — is undergoing a public meltdown, urging his social media followers to prepare for World War III (which starts on November 11, by the way) by buying bleach for drinking and bathing purposes.

A photo posted by Lucian Piane (@revolucian) on

A photo posted by Lucian Piane (@revolucian) on

Get water. And bleach. I love you guys. You will need it. (Source: Mayo Clinic) It’s also safe to drink. I suggest a FULL cup of unconcentrated and half a cup of concentrated Bleach. But use your intuition.

A photo posted by Lucian Piane (@revolucian) on

A photo posted by Lucian Piane (@revolucian) on

He’s also been retweeting the following conspiracy theories on Twitter:


And then on Thursday, November 3rd, Piane posted a 14-minute live video via Periscope in which he goes onto say that the elections are completely rigged, Lithium kills people and their bodies are “probably” ground-up and put into our food, and we’re all infected with “fungusy parasite thing” controlling all of our thoughts.

If you can’t bring yourself to watch his entire cringe-inducing video, the highlight(?) comes around 10:18 when Piane repeatedly sings, “Love is all there is”, eventually exclaiming “Love is all there fucking is?!! No, it’s not!” He then prattles on:

“We see it all around us! There’s evil, there’s darkness, there’s sex, there’s corruption, there’s pedophilia! It’s all here and so how is love all there is? There’s not. There’s a lot. There’s a whole spectrum of light to dark, but we’ve all been FUCKED IN THE MIND by ‘spirituality’ and guess what? That’s just a distraction, and so is the election and so is football and so is science and so is everything that probably happened after about hmm… 1850. And what was 1850? Hmmm… wasn’t that around the Civil War? Maybe the Civil War wasn’t exactly what we were told.”

Seeing as “we were told” that the Civil War was about slavery, presumably Piane thinks that it wasn’t, parroting a common talking point of racist historical revisionists; which might also explain Piane’s following tweet:

And then there’s this Instagram video of him posing in briefs in the mirror (something we always wanted to see, but not like this):

From a couple weeks ago. This was helpful at the time! ???❤️

A video posted by Lucian Piane (@revolucian) on

Last night, Piane announced on his Facebook wall, “Hey folks! Just went to a mental health doc. No chance of me hurting myself. All good. Time to make some music. (But go get supplies just in case I was right)”, raising the question: what the actual fuck is going on with him anyway? Is this all the result of a drug binge, mental illness, or has he just become a paranoid political conspiracy theorist?

We’re not the only ones asking this question. Commenters on Instagram and Twitter has publicly wondered whether Piane is suffering from schizophrenia or on a drug binge, with many others comparing his public meltdown to that of actress and singer Amanda Bynes.

Playing armchair psychologist, we could ascribe Piane’s paranoia, social isolation, increased energy, and other odd and unpredictable behaviors to drug use or a manic episode. But his pattern of social media use makes us think that drugs are probably not to blame.

Two of Piane’s busiest days on Twitter happened on October 15th and 28th — on the 15th, he posted 116 tweets and on the 28th, he posted 200, almost all having to do with the the election and conspiracy theories. But all of these tweets occurred during normal waking hours. If he was on a serious narcotic stimulant, he’d likely be posting late at night and early into the morning. But yet again, this is only a guess.

Piane’s recent admission about seeing a mental health doctor may well support the alternate theory of him going through a manic state. We’ve also heard reports that Piane is actually in Vermont convalescing with his mother after undergoing mental health care. But there’s a third and more unsettling possibility…

Perhaps Piane’s fan are blaming drugs or mental illness because they know him as RuPaul’s adorable otter and would rather that his posts were based on an altered mental state than how he actually feels. The sad truth is that LOTS of people believe and spout the very same conspiracies that Piane has been — it’s the reason that Trump has so many followers and that Alex Jones even has a show. We can’t explain away all of these people by simply claiming that they’re on drugs or having a mental breakdown. The only difference is that these other folks aren’t as famous or as vocal on social media as Piane.

So yes, he could be having a mental breakdown or he could just be a super-privileged White gay guy who is increasingly out-of-touch with most people’s reality. And while his views are common, they’re also increasingly dying out as America’s conservative base continues to shrink. So either way, he needs our help rather than our scorn or derision; he may never go back to being RuPaul’s adorable otter, but we don’t need to insult or encourage him to self-harm.

After all, he does represent a part of the gay community, whether we like it or not, and we define ourselves by how we treat those most unlike ourselves. There are lots of other LGBTQ people who share his views and we ignore or laugh them off at our own peril, until the day that our best friends or family members start acting the same way.

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