What the F#@% Are You Doing In a Gay Bar If You’re Not Gay?

What the F#@% Are You Doing In a Gay Bar If You’re Not Gay?

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Ladies and gentlemen, presenting ProjectRant.

Don’t even pretend for a second that you haven’t experienced this very real phenomena. I would even argue that lesbians have it lucky compared to gay men. That straight guy who keeps grabbing your ass? At least you’ve never experienced the specific circle of hell that is the humbling experience of introducing yourself to him, only to be met with a terse “No homo.”


While we absolutely believe that allies of the gay community should be welcome and valued, sometimes a gay bar should just be a gay bar. We actually discussed this very situation at the World Domination Summit this weekend. Portland’s gay bars were overflowing with straight women seeking a safe place to dance, and therefore also teeming with straight men trying to hit on straight women. Lesbians were being accosted by drunk straight men, and the gay men were all either intimidated or incredibly aggressive because the straight girls were spilling drinks as they tried dancing in six inch heels.

In short, it sucked. The vibe was terrible. We’ve experienced the same type of situation at almost every gay bar in Vancouver, B.C. as well. However, in Seattle most gay bars charge $5 cover for men, and $20 cover for women. While I have to admit, this really does solve the problem quite nicely, it’s always left me feeling uncomfortable about the potential legal ramifications. These bars are discriminating quite freely, are they not?

But again, sometimes a gay bar should just be a gay bar.

What are you thoughts on this problem?

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