What Would You Do: Interracial Couple Harassed and Gay Parents Bashed

What Would You Do: Interracial Couple Harassed and Gay Parents Bashed

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In our continuing coverage of ABC’s What Would You Do?, we’ve brought you gay parents denied service and now we bring you the most recent episode, which asks: What would you do if an interracial couple is harassed or gay parents were bashed?

WWYD? goes to Dallas, Texas, and discovers that it is, indeed, the Lavender Heart of Texas. Bucking all stereotypes, Texas actually has a higher percentage of bystanders speak up in support of an interracial couple, as well as both the gay and lesbian parents.

“I think silence is one of the failures of people today,” said one man who stood up for a lesbian couple with kids. He even wrote a note that caused the actress to break down in tears, saying, “This is my everyday life, so when they’re saying those things, they’re really talking about me. So yeah, I’m desperately touched by this and happily so.”

“Why should I hate you for something you didn’t choose,” said one black woman when confronted with a man harassing an interracial couple.

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