Customers Defend Woman From Transphobic Sales Assistant on ‘What Would You Do?’

Customers Defend Woman From Transphobic Sales Assistant on ‘What Would You Do?’

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On a recent episode, ABC’s popular hidden camera show What Would You Do? tackled everyday transphobia. Thankfully for the world, many of the customers stood up for the transgender woman being verbally attacked by a sales clerk as she shops for new clothes.

The ABC hit show puts unsuspecting strangers in staged positions where they have to choose between standing up for what’s right or standing down in silence. The television show pulls at the heartstrings of America over topics dealing with racism, homophobia and disabled persons.

In this weekend’s episode, the show deals with a transgender woman, shopping for new clothes, who is verbally attacked by the sales clerk assisting her.

The clerk says, “I’m gonna need you to be very careful with those clothes. They are made for women’s bodies. I just don’t want you to tear it or anything.”

All the customers in one way or another stand up for the trans woman, who is played by an actress named Jen.

The first customer’s reaction is probably our favorite, as the woman goes on a lecture schooling the transphobic clerk all about accepting people for who they are no matter what.

The customer says, “You look excellent in it, by the way.”

Next, the clerk says, “You know it’s a man in woman’s clothing?”

“For sure I did not know that,” she responds. “And it doesn’t really matter. She looks beautiful in that. It fits her perfectly and I am offended by what you’re saying. That is not what this town or this store is about. I am very upset by what you’re saying.”

The clerk protests, saying it’s a woman’s boutique, which just fuels the customer’s objections to the transphobic behavior even more.

“And she’s a woman. And she looks fabulous,” the customer says. “It doesn’t matter about gender or size. It doesn’t matter about race. It doesn’t matter about religion. I doesn’t matter about sexuality. She is beautiful. You look fabulous.”

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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