What Wouldn’t Jesus Do? “Demonize Gays”

What Wouldn’t Jesus Do? “Demonize Gays”

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It turns out the Archbishop of Canterbury is an actual position held by Rowan Williams, and is not in fact, simply a character in Robin Hood movies and whatnot. We kid.

Archbishop Williams has denounced Uganda’s Rolling Stone magazine (You know, the one that did THIS) for their refusal to admit accountability in the murder of LGBT activist David Kato. Giles Muhame, RS’s editor in chief defended his company’s actions, stating:

“There is no need for anxiety or for hype. We should not overblow the death of one.”

Archbishop Rowan responded while in Dublin, saying:

“You cannot go around sharing information about the identity of proposed lesbian and gay persons and urging people to ostracise them or worse ‘Hang Them’ as in the headlines of one of the Ugandan newspapers. You cannot do that without taking responsibility for the consequences. Language which demonises gays and lesbians has consequences.”

Right on!

Are you happy to see a high-ranking Christian official call out anti-gay rhetoric and bias?

Via Belfast Telegraph

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