Hornet Wants To Know What’s Your Story?

Hornet Wants To Know What’s Your Story?

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Hornet announces launch of What’s Your Story? – a yearlong initiative dedicated to exploring and amplifying underrepresented voices in the LGBT community.

Hornet Wants To Know What’s Your Story?

Hornet’s historic Version 4 update has brought native editorial content into the app and it’s branded as Stories. This growth of Hornet is an opportunity to expand our continued commitment to and investment in cultivating an online space that fosters and strengthens community, particularly communities of color.

Everyone has a story to share and it’s our goal to provide a space to explore and discover the stories of our community that often go untold or unnoticed. We can utilize one of the largest LGBT platforms on the planet to amplify underrepresented voices.

This year long initiative will makes use of editorial and video to tell diverse and compelling stories of underrepresented communities – Queer men of color, youth of color, immigrants, queer men living with HIV, sex workers. Some elements include:

There is great power in the stories that we tell. The stories of LGBT people have helped move the nation and transformed the political and cultural landscape. Our modern history is full of examples of how the open and honest communication of our lived experience has created change in our world – from the AIDS crisis, to marriage equality, to transgender justice.

Hornet strives to create an online community that is inclusive and affirming to all queer men regardless of ethnicity, age, body, type, gender expression, or HIV status. That includes a strict policy that prohibits discriminatory language on the app as we are committed to creating a space where people can express themselves free of stigma and discrimination. Additionally all imagery reflects the diversity of our LGBT community.

The What’s Your Story? initiative is a means of utilizing an online platform to expand our community. There are so many exciting and complex stories of who we are that have been overlooked or disregarded – stories of resiliency, creativity, and empowerment. There are now more opportunities than ever to tell those stories.

The best stories are the ones that make an impact.

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