When You Pee On This Wall, It Pees Back On You

When You Pee On This Wall, It Pees Back On You

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Human urine has acid in it — it’s called uric acid. When you pee on a wall, uric acid eats away the stone and leaves a gross, manky smell that can linger for months. Public urination is a crime in many cities but a lot of drunk guys still do it all the time. However, one German community group has had enough and declared, “It’s peeback time!”

A community group in the bar-saturated neighborhood of St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany has started painting local walls with a water-repellant paint that actually causes piss to splash back on its pisser. The paint is normally used on the exteriors of large ships, but now it’s being applied onto walls along with a sign that reads “Do not pee here! We pee back!”

The paint costs about 500 Euros ($542 dollars) just to paint a 65-square foot area, but Julia Staron — the woman behind the St. Pauli community group — says, “If you compare the work involved for daily cleaning of the mess and the awful smell, as well as all the collateral damage involved, it has definitely been well worth it.”

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