White Supremacist, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defend David ‘Superbowl For No Gay Marriage’ Tyree Culture

White Supremacist, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defend David ‘Superbowl For No Gay Marriage’ Tyree

Written by Kevin Farrell on April 04, 2017
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James Edwards

We told you Monday about former NFL star and Super Bowl champion David Tyree’s offer to trade God his Super Bowl championship ring for a nationwide end to gay marriage. Yes, we know… Groan.

Tyree is responding to claims that he is a bigot by assuring us that he’s not one, even though he absolutely is. Just look at the definition:

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I’m going to go ahead and say that citing his own personal religious beliefs as evidence that millions of people don’t deserve the equal treatment under the law that he enjoys certainly qualifies him as a bigot.

Well, he’s in good company. The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck is now defending Tyree’s position, claiming he’s not a bigot at all. Rather, he’s simply a full-time man of God.


He’s a bigot.

Also defending Tyree is Memphis White Supremacist-cum-radio host James Edwards, who voiced his support for Tyree on the subject of gay marriage saying, “Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then. While I might not agree with David Tyree on anything else, on this single issue, he is absolutely right.”

No matter how you slice it, and boy oh boy is it ever popular to make with the “I don’t hate anyone, I just believe…” talk these days – wishing, wanting, legislating or voting to prevent LGBT Americans from access to the same rights and rewards that straight Americans enjoy is bigotry. And while we are on the subject here, using your faith to argue a matter of law is just straight unAmerican.

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