Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Spotify Have All Started Banning White Supremacists

Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Spotify Have All Started Banning White Supremacists

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Christopher Cantwell — the white supremacist who appeared in the Vice documentary about Charlottesville, Virginia and then later cried on camera over an alleged warrant for his arrest — has been banned from Facebook and Instagram. This news follows reports of the web discussion site Reddit banning a prominent white supremacist page and the music streaming service Spotify pulling racist “hate bands” from its catalog.

White supremacist groups banned on Facebook

Facebook told the Associated Press that it deleted Cantwell’s profile page and links connected to his call-in podcast talk show Radical Agenda as well as eight other accounts connected to white supremacists including the group pages for Genuine Donald Trump, Physical Removal, Right Wing Death Squad, Vanguard America and White Nationalists United.

Cantwell claims that PayPal also banned his account. PayPal and other crowd-funding and financial sites like GoFundMe, Patreon and YouCaring have all started banning so-called “alt-right” accounts for violating their terms of service.

“Frankly,” Cantwell said, “whatever you think of my views, that is very scary to me. Facebook and Instagram is one thing but not being able to participate in the financial system because of your political opinions is something that, you know, people should worry about in America.”

White supremacist groups banned on Reddit and Spotify

Reddit has reportedly banned the sub-reddit discussion board for r/Physical_Removal after users complained about its violent content.

“We are very clear in our site terms of service that posting content that incites violence will get users banned from Reddit,” a Reddit spokesperson told CNET.

It is unclear whether Reddit has banned any other white supremacist discussion boards.

Spotify has pulled several white supremacist musicians from its online catalog after Digital Music News published a list of 37 white supremacist bands available on the music streaming service. Spotify says it is also reviewing others bands listed in Digital Music News’ article.

Spotify pays artists based on how often their music gets streamed by users, paying an estimated $0.004891 per play.

White supremacists are getting banned all across the web

Google, GoDaddy and Airbnb have all started booting white supremacists as well. Google and GoDaddy refused to host the The Daily Stormer, a site for neo-Nazi, white supremacist and KKK news and events, and Airbnb began deleting accounts of commenters on The Daily Stormer who mentioned using Airbnb to schedule rooms and venues associated with this last weekend’s hate rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Twitter has also banned accounts linked to The Daily Stormer.



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