Homophobic Trolls Attack Ada Vox, the Drag Queen Slaying the Competition on ‘American Idol’

Homophobic Trolls Attack Ada Vox, the Drag Queen Slaying the Competition on ‘American Idol’

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Who is Ada Vox? Vox is the drag queen on American Idol currently winning the hearts of America with her soulful voice and phenomenal talent. During a recent interview she revealed that she was hoping RuPaul would give her a shoutout, or maybe even Cher. Well, one of those icons did just chime in endorsing the queen, who has also become the target of online hate from homophobic trolls.

RuPaul tweeted Monday morning, “SHANTAY, you slay! @AdaVox XORU,” along with a photo of Vox from her first audition in front of judges back in March. The nod from Mother Ru comes on the heels of Sunday night’s episode of American Idol, during which Vox sang the Queen track “The Show Must Go On.”

Many took to social media to applaud her performance. One person wrote, “I cannot express how fabulous you are. From the moment you walked in to the audition you had my heart. I applaud you and all that you are, you amaze me every time you perform, but I am not surprised. I see your genuine talent, and believe you are here to change the world.”

But there are many people leaving comments full of homophobia and transphobia on the social media accounts of the show. Some of those comments include:

Not at all a fan….cant get past the guy dressed up like a girl, then I hear him try to sing….its a double no from me…

America please stop with all the nonsense. This is a boy that wears girls clothes and belongs on one of those drag shows not American Idol. His voice hasn’t changed in the 13 times he tried out just his gimmick.

Heck no!! He doesn’t deserve to be on this show. Do people seriously think this is talent?? Like someone else already said, let’s be smart America and make sure he goes home tomorrow. Can’t get past the guy girl thing either. It’s so weird, and I can’t take this guy seriously at all. Enough said.

Not my cup of tea he came on as a man he should finish as one or had left the show not fair to the others.

Will not support anyone who tries to be something they r not… this American idol.. and this is no idol that I want my grandchildren looking up to… a big NO NO NO for me.

Vox being on the ABC reality competition series is a huge step for the LGBT community. While RuPaul’s Drag Race has become much more mainstream in recent years, its core audience is still primarily comprised of LGBT people and our allies.

Vox’s visibility may be the target of online harassment and bullying for now, but hopefully Vox educates and opens the minds of many people who would never have experienced this type of performance art before in their life.

Vox has no plans of taking off her drag either. She told TMZ:

“I would prefer to stay Ada as my stage persona on the show. Only because she is now the performance artist. The spotlight hits her face. And, Adam has just tried it many, many times and he just wasn’t the cup of tea. So why would I risk it when I have a good thing going on right now with Ms. Ada? I’m not gonna risk taking a chance and try this old thing that didn’t work before, you know? That just doesn’t make sense. So I am gonna keep it new, I am gonna keep it up with what I am doing right now.”

Haters are going to hate no matter what. We just hope that Ada Vox keeps on being Ada Vox, because we need her now more than ever.

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