Take A Peek At Nickelodeon’s New Animated Same-Sex Married Couple

Take A Peek At Nickelodeon’s New Animated Same-Sex Married Couple

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About a month after Cartoon Network unveiled a same-sex female couple on their show Clarence, Nickelodeon will soon unveil a same-sex male couple on their show The Loud House — and the couple isn’t just gay, they’re also interracial and emotionally expressive.

In episode (set to air this Wednesday), the couple escorts their son Clyde over to his friend Lincoln’s house for a sleepover. The dads get portrayed matter of factly, though they are a bit fussy: before leaving, they burden Lincoln with all of Clyde’s overnight gear — including a white noise machine, a humidifier and a dehumidifier — they provide a phone list of all the places they’ll be overnight and then one of them breaks down in tears while the other encourages him to “let go.”

You could complain that the couple is portrayed as neurotic and overemotional, but most parents in cartoons are portrayed that way, and this portrayal is loving at least. They genuinely care for Clyde and that shows, even though the couple are barely onscreen for a minute.

You can watch the groundbreaking scene below.

Naturally, this isn’t the first same-sex couple ever to appear in cartoons. The final episode of Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Legend of Korra revealed that its protagonist was in a lesbian relationship.

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Other cartoonists have taken on same-sex relationships; one even imagined Bart Simpson and Family Guy’s Chris Griffin in a heart-breakingly realistic same-sex relationship and the racier Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty features a pansexual character who dates an entire alien civilization of hive-minded men and women. But both of those are for older viewers, whereas Nickelodeon’s work is mostly for viewers ages eight to 13. Well, and for us.

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