North Carolina, Charlotte, skyline, buildings
North Carolina, Charlotte, skyline, buildings

Whoa. North Carolina Might Actually Repeal Its Anti-Trans Law

North Carolina’s Republicans have always cited the city of Charlotte as their inspiration for creating the transphobic HB2 bathroom bill that has since cost the state over $395 million in lost business. Congressional Republicans passed the bill in March 2016 as a way to counteract a Charlotte city ordinance prohibiting discrimination against LGBT people in public accommodations like bathrooms. In September, the state legislature said that they’d repeal HB2 if Charlotte repealed their ordinance — Charlotte’s mayor told them to buzz off, but now Charlotte has actually done it!

The state’s Democratic Governor-elect Roy Cooper said that the legislature told him that they will repeal HB2 in a special session on Tuesday (a special session, just like the one they used to strip him of his powers this last week) — the state’s current Governor Pat McCrory has confirmed this. It remains to be seen whether North Carolina cities would still be able to pass their own LGBT non-discrimination ordinances after the repeal. If so, then Charlotte could simply vote to re-instate the ordinances, which could start this whole cycle over again. But the repeal language could forbid city-level LGBT ordinances, effectively preventing Charlotte from reinstating theirs.

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