Why Aren’t Police Treating “We Hate Faggots” Vandals As Hate Crime?

Why Aren’t Police Treating “We Hate Faggots” Vandals As Hate Crime?

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We wrote a few weeks back about how Alabama wouldn’t prosecute the men who attacked a lesbian for being gay under hate crime laws because sexual orientation aren’t included in the state’s description. But this story out of Lowell, Massachusetts takes the cake.

Police are apparently investigating a possible hate crime, after Lowell’s Bryan Talley’s home was vandalized with the words “Snitch” and “AIDS”. Oh, and “We hate Faggots”. Talley, who refused to appear on camera amid concerns for his own safety, points out that the homophobe who did this actually used the word Hate. How could this not be considered a hate crime? The perpetrator admits in the crime itself that they were motivated by hate!

For what it’s worth, Talley suspects his downstairs neighbor. A witness confirmed to police that the woman below his residence has yelled gay slurs at him, and kicked a dent into his door. It doesn’t take Dick Tracy to put two and two together here.

When the perpetrator is identified, we sincerely hope that Lowell police prosecute the criminal under the state’s hate crimes law. What’s the sense of having it, if it provides zero protection for the state’s LGBT citizens?

Are you angry to see police not immediately calling this a hate crime?

Video c/o WHDH-TV

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