Why, CString, Whyyyy?

Why, CString, Whyyyy?

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Unicorn Booty reader Baptiste sent us in this…this…this porny, porny undergarment. Well, introduced us to it. (We should be so lucky to start getting underwear in the mail!) We think it’s an undergarment, at least? It’s certainly not swimwear, right? Even though it boasts the claim that it helps you avoid tanlines.

No Panty Lines! No Tan Lines!

The CString is a completely new and exciting innovation in lingerie. Say goodbye to panty line and uncomfortable straps. Say hello to a sexy new freedom.

The CString can be worn under all your favorite clothes: • Dresses • Skirts • Jeans

The CString can also be worn alone: • Swimwear • Lingerie

Swimwear? Good luck with that. And isn’t a tieless Gstring actually more of a Ustring than a Cstring? Alphabetics aside, it’s still just weird.

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Boys and balls aside, would any of you wear a Cstring?

And if you think the CString is bad, wait until you meet JeanPants Underwear!

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