Why Davey Wavey’s Anti-Ageism Video Is Bullshit

Why Davey Wavey’s Anti-Ageism Video Is Bullshit

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UPDATE: Davey Wavey responds to his critics below.

Every single gay man you present in your videos appears to be under age 30, 35 tops.Every single one conforms to an idealized physical standard. Every single one of them is white. Your rant against young gay men who are cruel to older, less attractive gay men, therefore, can’t be considered any more authentic than, say, Hugh Hefner ranting against objectifying women. It doesn’t make any actual sense when you think about it.

The older-gay-man “eww” factor against which “Davey Wavey” speaks is caused by the images and ideals that “Davey Wavey” promotes.

HuffPo writer David Michael Connor spilling some serious tea over Davey Wavey’s anti-ageism video entitled “SHOW SOME F*CKING RESPECT!” We’d like to point out that Wavey made his video after our article of a sex-worker discussing ageism went viral. If you’re interested in other challenges older LGBT people face, let these 10 silver daddies tell you some secrets…

UPDATE (2/4/16 – 2:47 PM EST): Wavey responds:

“What critics fail to mention is that my videos have also included, in the last year alone, 88 people who aren’t young, cis, white gay men… But you probably didn’t know about any of that. And that’s exactly my point.

The real issue here isn’t my alleged hypocrisy or ageism. It’s that the videos gay men most often share, discuss and click on aren’t the ones with important messages or diverse representation. Instead, it’s the videos with the shirtless, young, muscled white guys.”

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