Why Does Hillary Apologize While Trump Refuses To?

Why Does Hillary Apologize While Trump Refuses To?

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By the onslaught of explosive reactions to Donald Trump‘s victory over Hillary Clinton, it’s apparent many people assumed to hear Trump deliver some kind of concession speech that night or the next day. Well, here we are fourteen days later and all we’ve been left with are uncertainty, front row seats to the start of the apocalypse and a concession speech from Clinton that urged her supporters to accept that Trump would be president and also acknowledged that the country was more divided than she knew.

During Clinton’s speech, she let her supporters know how much she’s appreciated their hard work and all the other things you’re supposed tell a ballroom full of educated and accomplished staffers who are extremely pissed about losing to an unqualified opponent. While Clinton humbly took her loss, she also was the first losing candidate to apologize for… losing.

As much as the apology was appropriate for her supporters that were grieving, Clinton had nothing to be sorry for. It’s been pointed out that women are more prone to apologize and the phrase “I’m sorry” has become tainted with issues of gender bias and sexism. It’s possible Clinton felt she had to apologize to make herself seem softer or less threatening because maybe she was too aggressive for half of the country that voted against her.

After Trump’s victory, the President-elect was interviewed by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes where Trump said many things such as same-sex marriage was “settled” and the border wall might include a fence. When Stahl confronted Trump about the alleged increase in hate crimes since he was elected, Trump didn’t seem phased one bit. He expressed no remorse, not an ounce of genuine sympathy nor an explicit apology for his violent rhetoric he used throughout his campaign towards minorities.

Instead, Trump merely demanded that his supporters who were committing hate crimes “stop it”, but only after minimizing what was going on. Trump claimed there were only a small amount of hate crimes and that he was “very surprised” to hear the reports of the alleged increase in hate crimes after he became president-elect. It’s interesting that the man who once told Jimmy Fallon that apologizing is great and that he will apologize if he’s ever wrong hasn’t apologized for the increase in hate crimes — unless his lackluster “stop it” was the apology, which is hardly enough for the millions of American immigrants across the country.

All in all, half of America — also known as white women (educated and not) — decided to vote for a man who refuses to apologize for the harm he’s caused. Honestly, Clinton should’ve taken the Beyoncé route and put her middle fingers up and told everyone “Boy, Bye!


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