WI Gov. Walker Attempting To Ban Gays Visiting Their Partners In Hospitals

WI Gov. Walker Attempting To Ban Gays Visiting Their Partners In Hospitals

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is attempting to ban LGBT patients in hospitals from being visited by their partners. Seriously. He’s tossing around “defense of traditional marriage” talk to justify his bigoted move, but don’t be fooled. This is seriously an attempt to simply rob gays from having their husband or wife visit them in their time of need. The hate in this man’s heart!

Gov. Scott Walker wants Wisconsin to abandon legal defense of a new state law that gives same-sex couples the right to visit partners who are hospitalized.

A Democratic-controlled Legislature, in 2009, approved a new law in which same-sex couples can sign domestic partnership registries with county clerks “to secure some — but not all — of the rights afforded married couples,” the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

The law has been challenged by an anti-gay rights group, Wisconsin Family Action, saying the visitation privileges violate an amendment to the state constitution that bans same-sex marriages or similar legal agreements.

Republican State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has refused to defend the law, saying he believes the registration procedure violates Wisconsin’s constitution.

“Governor Walker, in deference to the legal opinion of the attorney general that the domestic partner registry . . . is unconstitutional, does not believe the public interest requires a continued defense of this law,” says a brief from Walker, filed by his counsel Brian Hagedorn.


(via Seattle PI)

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